AlgART Abstract Physical 3D Model of Movement in Java,
with an universal 3D draw toolkit

Daniel Alievsky

It is a simple and easily extendable Java library, implementing an abstract physical model, describing movement of interacting 3D particles (items). For this model, the traditional Cauchy problem is formulated and solved.

This library is built according to ModelViewController desing pattern. The Model is implemented in the package
which is the basis of this library. If you want to create your own simulation model of movement, solving your specific physical problem, it is enough to implement several simple interfaces of this package.

This library contains, as a part, an universal draw toolkit for drawing 3D objects (figures):
package. This toolkit is easily extendable for drawing custom 3D figures and can be used independently. In this library, it is used by View component.

The full structure of this library is the following:

This library requires Java 1.5 (or higher version) and is compiled for JVM 1.5.

This library is fully documented by Javadoc: see below.




Created in 2010

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